Tree Pruning

Tree Pruning

Tree Pruning

Tree Pruning

Cordova’s Tree Service provides skilled tree trimming and pruning services throughout Fresno, Clovis, and surrounding counties. Tree Service, also commonly called tree pruning, is the most common tree maintenance procedure. It takes a skilled and knowledgeable tree professional to understand how the tree will respond, which limbs to remove, and the quantity of limbs to safely remove without putting the trees health at risk, as well as other factors that can affect the future health and condition of the tree. Proper tree service Company helps maintain your trees health and beauty.

Why Tree Pruning?

You’re not alone if you’ve never pruned your trees. Many never do because its falsely believed letting a tree grow in it’s natural form is best. Pruning your trees might seem like a bit of a hassle as it just seems to add to your outdoor chores. However, it is important to keep them pruned for so many reasons, including.

Trees Health.

removing dead, damage, and diseased branches will help to prevent insect infestations and stop any spread of fungus throughout the tree. Thin the canopy of the tree to increase air and sunlight throughout the entire tree – which will also provide more food and water for the tree

Eliminate Crossing Branches.

As they make each other weaker through erosion and constant rubbing. The same goes for wear or narrow branches that can split apart or fall, damaging the branches around them and creating cycle of destruction.

Tree Pruning for Safety and Property Protection.

Did you know a branch of a tree can weigh over a hundred pounds? Imagine that branch being broken and not falling until a loved one is walking underneath it close by. Of course broken limbs can break more than bones, they can damage cars, wreck garages, and fall on your home resulting in water, roof, and major personal property damage.

And remember

Before you hire any Tree Service, make sure they are licensed and insured. Check our license here now.


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